Sunday Assembly Bristol

Sunday Assembly Bristol

A global network of super people who want to make the most of this one life we know we have. We do regular assembliessocials and other events. Keep up with all Sunday Assembly Bristol events by subscribing to our events calendar.

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  • Complete our survey to help us improve!

    We would greatly appreciate as many responses from people who have attended Sunday Assembly in Bristol – just once is enough to ‘qualify’, although feed back from people who want to come but haven’t been able to make it is also appreciated.

    Survey available here.

    Thank-you in advance, and we hope to make our Assembly even better than it already is.

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  • I guess we’ve said ‘Sorry, Nature’ for the last time…

    Hi there, thanks for a great Assembly with lots of Quinoa

    That’s right, we’re thanking you because every part of Sunday Assembly only works if we have people to share in it with us. And also I totally didn’t think we were going to pull of Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears and we totally did

    As discussed we’ve got loads of things happening between this Assembly and the next, but first, it’s probably worth pointing out the easiest place to follow us on the internet;

    Our Facebook page can be found here –
    You can Subscribe to all our events by going to Events in the middle, and then Subscribe
    Our site can be found here –
    Finally, for our super slick website, you can go to
    You can get all the events on there straight into your internet enabled calendar by going to Diary and following the instructions there
    Finally finally, we’ll try and keep you abreast of things by emailing you on this email address so keep an eye out. If you don’t have an email address how are you reading what I’m typing right now?

    Right, final thing for today is that if you haven’t already yet, please take a couple of seconds to fill out our Survey which you can find here – apologies, we’re not going to be sending you sweets through your computer for the final question, and please don’t come to our house asking for a sweet, but if you give us the secret code “Jubilant Weseal” at the next assembly we’ll make sure you get your sweets.

    And the next assembly we have is our October one [Side note; how is it nearly October 2016 already? I can’t believe it’s Octobutter] where we have a talk on night schools, towards a radical re-think of our whole higher-education system!

    It will be on the 2nd of October (Sunday) at the time of 11:00. The address is still the Trinity Centre, which can be found at Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW

    That’s everything for now, but if you have any ideas about what could make Sunday Assembly, FUNday Assembly, do get in touch.

    This is Chair of Sunday Assembly Bristol signing off,