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04/02/18 Dr Joanna Burch-Brown Theme: Break the Chain
Talk: Talking about the complicated relationship Bristol has with it’s past – having been a major part of the slave trade.
07/01/18 Sophie Stevens Theme: How to win a Million Dollars
Talk: Talking to us about one of the biggest prizes in Maths that YOU COULD WIN.
03/12/17 The Sunday Assembly Crew Theme: P-p-p-pick up a Penguin
Talk: Improvised due to unforeseen circumstances for the planned speaker – we’re hoping they’ll be able to give the talk in the future!
05/11/17 Katiuska Ferrer Portillo Theme: You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth
Talk: ‘Help us put the Bristol dialect on the map!’
01/10/17 James Fleming Theme: A Sight to Behold
Talk: “Reconstructing ancient vision”
03/09/17  Jess Brydon & Rohan Chadwick Theme: What’s Your Moral Compass?
Talk: The ethics of driverless cars – interactive.
06/08/17 Jem Roberts Theme: Tales of Britain
Talk: Background on the Tales of Britain
02/07/17 Crispin Allard Theme: It’s Your Birthday – Throw Some shapes! (S.A.B. 4 years old)
Talk: What shapes say about your personality
04/06/17 The Marmalade Trust Theme: Fighting Loneliness one Spoon at a Time
Talk: “Fighting loneliness, one spoon of marmalade at a time”
07/05/17 Professor Alan Winfield Theme: Home
Talk:Talking about conducting research in Cognitive Robotics in the Bristol Robotics Lab, with a particular focus on robot ethics.
02/04/17 Vicky Anderson Theme: Rumours
Talk: The Importance of Telling Stories – from folklore to fiction to “fake news”
05/03/17 Caring In Bristol Theme: Have a Care in the World
Talk: Caring In Bristol – talking about the charity
05/02/17 Bristol Refugee Rights Theme: Home
Talk: Bristol Refugee Rights – talking about the charity, with an account from an asylum seeker.
08/01/17 Jon Turney Theme: It’s in Our Nature
Talk: Telling us all about the microbiome/unity of nature and ourselves
04/12/16 Nathalia Gjersoe Theme: Dinosaurs vs. Dragons
Talk: A returning speaker, this time talking about belief through childhood – are children as gullible as we are led to believe?
06/11/16 Ben Garrod Theme: Monkey Business
Talk: Primate Adventure – talking about some surprising characteristics of our close relatives using stories from his own experiences.
02/10/16 Josie McLellan Theme: What Lurks in the Night
Talk: ‘Night School’ – How being more flexible with higher education could improve access beyond the traditional white middle class majority.
04/09/16 Richard Pancost Theme: Sorry, Nature
Talk: Climate Change’s Effect on Society: Highlighting some of the ways in which climate change could seriously effect society, particularly how unjust these effects could be.
07/08/16 Euan Allen Theme: Colour Me Assembled
Talk: Colour in Nature: Exploring the amazing and ingenious ways organisms use colour and the practical technological applications that come from them.
24/07/16 TED Talk video Theme: 2nd Assembly: Shoot for the Moon
Talk: Video about ‘moon shot’ ideas. Tried two assemblies in one month and a new location!
03/07/16 Mark from Sunday Assembly Bristol Theme: Bouncing Back!
Talk: Alternate Election Systems: Exploring a remarkable alternative to the first past the post election system.
05/06/16 Mark from Sunday Assembly Bristol Theme: All Together now!
Talk: Interactive assembly using a game to demonstrate how segregation can occur unintentionally
01/05/16 Dr. Suzi Gage Theme: Feelings
Talk: No Turn Unstoned: the harms and potential benefits of recreational drugs
03/04/16 Ben Ashby Theme: 100% Proof
Talk: Ask For Evidence
06/03/16 Aislinn Keogh Theme: Bristol
Talk: Umming and uhhing about language change – how (and why) our gender affects the way we fill pauses in our speech
07/02/16 Jordan Hughes Theme: The Only Way is Ethics
Talk: Amnesty International – overview
17/01/16 Mark from Sunday Assembly Bristol Theme: Sharing
Talk: Game theory, with games
06/12/15 Richard Pettigrew Theme: Knowledge
Talk: The epistemology of uncertain beliefs; Rational decisions, metaphysics and epistemology of mathematics
01/11/15 TBC Theme: Death
11/10/15 Rich Pancost – Director of the Cabot Intitue for the Environment, Organic Geochemistry and History of Earth Environment Theme: So Long Summer
Talk: Living with Uncertainty
06/09/15 Natalia Gjersoe Talk: Kids Say the Darndest Things
02/08/15 Jem Roberts
05/07/15 Mark from Sunday Assembly Bristol Theme: Language
Talk: Applied Neurolinguistics
07/06/15 Speak Easy: Bristol’s True Story Slam Theme: Storytelling
10/05/15 Bruce Hood Talk: Inside the Brain
12/04/15 Audrey Nailor Theme: Science!
Talk: The Science of Springtime

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