It was a close fought battle, but the winner was…

Hoo boy that was a great Assembly. If you ask me, I think Dragons won.

As discussed we’ve got a couple of things happening between this Assembly and the next, but first, it’s probably worth pointing out the easiest place to follow us on the internet;

Our Facebook page can be found here –
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Finally finally, we’ll try and keep you abreast of things by emailing you on this email address so keep an eye out. If you don’t have an email address how are you reading what I’m typing right now?

The shoe boxes for the homeless charity were collected and they look great!We were overjoyed with how much stuff we got. Just look at that pile;

In the next 30 days we have two events for you. The first is our first ever Yule Rock (get it? [No! Well not until it was pointed out to me! – website monkey]) . Come along for a festive sing-along special, with a large number of your favourite songs!

The plan is to have a fairly laid back event singing a collection of festive songs – aiming for fun, and a lack of religiosity where possible, though definitely getting a few of the less outright religious carols in the mix as well as the more modern pop songs!

Let us know if you have any requests in advance and we’ll try and accommodate them, though we may well be able to accommodate a bit of an open mic type feel if anyone is interested.

I’m afraid one thing worth noting is that as we will be using the venue courtesy of Cafe Kino there will be no free cake – though you can pre-order to avoid disappointment!

Hope to see lots of you there!

Join us on THIS SUNDAY at 11 at Café Kino (108 Stoke Croft)

Facebook event here
Meetup event here

Then we’ve got a small matter on the 25th of December. That’s right, it’s the Dr Who Christmas Special! Wonder More at your television boxes

Then in the New Year (let’s Hope Often that 2017 is a little easier than 2016 was) we’ve got the first of many assemblies, on the 8th of January we’ve got the next assembly. For that, we’ve got Jon Turney who has agreed to about the microbiome/unity of nature and ourselves. How about that to put in your pipe and smoke it.

Facebook event here
Meetup event here

A big thanks to all the people who put their names forward to hep us run Sunday Assembly. If you forgot to put your name down, just contact us at and we’ll let you know what’s what.

Lots of love,


Sunday Assembly Chair