It’s our Birthday :D

WE’RE ONE!!! Can you believe it? We certainly can’t 

A year of celebrating life, singing songs, making and eating cakes, and creating a joy-loving community in Bedminster, what a life! And it’s about to get even better…

At our next assembly, appropriately themed ‘Changes’ (July 6th), we’ll be moving into the Trinity Centre, our beautiful new home 

The lurvly Trinity Centre

We have the amazingness that is Integrate Bristol coming to talk to us about how they brought about change in the educational system to discuss Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in schools, a fantastic achievement!
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Also, we are delighted to have with us the terrific poet and comedian Rob Barratt who’s helping us celebrate our birthday by sharing some of his work. He’s coming all the way from Cornwall to share tickle our funny bones, so we’re hoping he’s packing the Cornish weather as well 
(See more of Rob here:

Of course we will be having some epic songs featuring artists no less than David Bowie (obvs!), Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan, so we are sure to have some wonderful singing action from you beautiful people too. And after all that exhaustive excitement, we will share in eating the BIGGEST SAB cake we’ve ever had!!

So come along, celebrate with us. Bring a cake, a friend or a smile (preferably all 3) and help us squeeze more joy from life this Sunday morning