Now we know what lurks in the night! (Spoiler: It was all of us – what a twist!)

Hi there, thanks for a great Assembly (even ignoring Windows 10 throwing us for a loop)

Well who knew that a Windows update could cause so much hassle! Anyway, we bounced back and we managed to pull out all the stops and put on a great show. We hope you found it as exhilarating as we did.

First things first,

winner of the Great SAB Bake Off is ….


Rohan Chadwick for his completely flawless Victoria Sponge with cream and fruit topping.


It tasted as good as it looks.
Also, intense respect for the runner up which only tried to bribe us slightly

As discussed we’ve got a couple of things happening between this Assembly and the next, but first, it’s probably worth pointing out the easiest place to follow us on the internet;

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  4. Finally finally, we’ll try and keep you abreast of things by emailing you on this email address so keep an eye out. If you don’t have an email address how are you reading what I’m typing right now?

Right, final thing for today is that if you haven’t already yet, please take a couple of seconds to fill out our Survey which you can find here – apologies, we’re not going to be sending you sweets through your computer for the final question, and please don’t come to our house asking for a sweet, but if you give us the secret code “Jubilant Weasel” at the next assembly we’ll make sure you get your sweets.

Wowee monkeys are a lot of fun. It’s *bananas* how much fun monkeys are. And it’s true that in a very real way, we are the monkeys, and people do indeed say that we monkey around.
If you’ve been to Sunday Assembly Bristol, you know what kind of fun to expect – songs, a talk (which this month is coming from star of BBC’s “Attenbourgh and the Giant Dinosaur” and “Secrets of Bones”, Ben Garrod). There’ll probably be a reading, some jokes, an inspiration to live the one life we know you have as well as possible.
If you’ve never been to Sunday Assembly before, I’ve basically outlined what’s going to happen above. And you’ll get to high five a bunch of people as well which is pretty nice.

If you have been before, we’d love to have you at our Welcoming stand. If you’re able to say hello to people for about 20 minutes you’re already qualified for the role, so just comment on here and we’ll be chuffed to have you on board.
It will be on the 6th of November (Sunday) at the time of 10:45. The address is still the Trinity Centre, which can be found at Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW

That’s everything for now, but if you have any ideas about what could make Sunday Assembly, FUNday Assembly, do get in touch.

This is Chair of Sunday Assembly Bristol signing off,