Try Something New: Tabletop Roleplaying

Our stoic Try Something New members reassembled in October to continue their mission to experience every hobby ever invented. This month, to get us in the mood for November’s Imagination assembly, we dragged tabletop roleplaying out of its basement lair, dusted off the crumbs, and sat it in the Hatchet for a few hours of ridiculous fun. After a short time designing characters, our players holstered their dice and stepped foot into an imaginary world, thwarting a dungeon and liberating a goat, but ultimately failing to stop an apocalypse.

The benefit of situating events in the realm of PURE IMAGINATION is that we can tick off a lot of other hobbies and experiences at the same time. In one day alone, we Tried Out: Swordplay, cupcakes, animal husbandry, mass hallucination, recreational firebreathing, knot-tying, and murder. I was really worried about how we’d get that last one done, so huge relief all round.

Next month we’ll be continuing our Saying Things In Silly Voices series by dipping our toes into acting! Full details are available on the Facebook event.

We hope we’ll see you there!