June Assembly – Pick Up Another Penguin

June Assembly – Pick Up Another Penguin

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Sun 3rd June
10:45 am - 12:45 pm

Trinity Centre

Do you remember penguin bars? Think back to the last time you had a penguin chocolate bar. Revel in the enjoyment of the crisp biscuit surrounded by chocolate, and the fairly tortured joke on the wrapper.
In the same way, at the next Sunday Assembly, you can expect something satisfying, fulfilling and plenty of bad jokes. We’ve got the excellent Ali Cotton from Bristol Zoo who is going to be giving us a talk about the penguin and what they need us to help them with.

If you can’t wait that long to get your penguin fix, you might enjoy this video, where Benedict Cumbersnatch can’t say the word Penguin – https://youtu.be/9GHPNKUMf70?t=200

We’re looking for people to help us do a reading at this Assembly, so if you fancy giving us a hand, just turn up at about 10:30 and talk to anyone with a lanyard and we can tell you how you can help.

Our aim at all Sunday Assembly events is to be radically inclusive. That means that really anyone is welcome to any Sunday Assembly in the world. We’ll do our best to not make you feel singled out or treated differently, but we are human so are likely to err, so please feel like you can message us and let us know if we did anything wrong. There’s a good chance you may feel challenged (to be a better person hopefully!).

Kids are always welcome at Sunday Assembly events, and events at the Trinity Centre are wheelchair accessible and we try and make events at other sites accessible too.

In the mean time, why not come along to one of the other fun events we run, or even a Chat and Planning meeting to help organise the next assembly! Just send the facebook page a message and we’ll get back to you sharpish.