September Assembly – What’s Your Moral Compass?

September Assembly – What’s Your Moral Compass?

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Sun 3rd September
10:45 am - 12:45 pm

Trinity Centre

This assembly is going to be another exciting instalment of our ‘interactive assemblies’, on the theme of your Moral Compass. Our main event will be discussing the ethics of driverless cars, and there’ll be a healthy dose of audience participation to get you thinking about your own moral compass!

Along with this, we are going to have our own brand of silliness, sunshine, and we’ll be encouraging you to Help Often in order to Live Better, which should help you be in Wonder More.

Our aim at all Sunday Assembly events is to be radically inclusive. That means that really anyone is welcome to any Sunday Assembly in the world. We’ll do our best to not make you feel singled out or treated differently, but we are human so are likely to err, so please feel like you can message us and let us know if we did anything wrong. There’s a good chance you may feel challenged (to be a better person hopefully!).

Kids are always welcome at Sunday Assembly events.

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