Get Involved

The simplest way to get involved with Sunday Assembly Bristol is to come to an assembly or other SA Bristol event.

If you’d like to do more to make Sunday Assembly Bristol even better, then there are lots of ways to help, and the commitment does not need to be large. Here’s some of the things you could do:

  • Help out at assemblies
    From greeting people at the start, baking cakes and mingling at the end, to hosting, doing a reading or speaking about your own experiences; there are many roles to get involved with on the day of the assembly. The best person to talk to in order to get more info is our chair.
  • Singing or playing an instrument
    Our band and singers are going from strength to strength. Some people do most assemblies, others drop in to help out now and then. Either way works for us. We’d love to see you at a sing-along or band practice. Please contact our musical coordinator.
  • Making a donation
    It sounds like a rather simple way to help, but our local group survives on donations. We make just enough to cover expenses, currently. Anything further would allow us to increase publicity and also to book the Trinity Centre for longer making it a more relaxed experience for all. Please contact our treasurer for ways to donate.
  • Running a small group
    Do you want to start a reading group, or gardening meet-up, or a “let’s learn about how to read scientific papers” group? We suggest the best way to start a group like this is just to run it for 2-3 sessions and see how it goes! We’ve done these things many times, so get in contact with our chair and we’ll support your idea as best we can 🙂
  • Sharing your hobbies
    Ever had an interest that you think other people would love? Our monthly Try Something New sessions are all about sharing those hobbies and appreciations with one another. So far we’ve tried salsa dancing, acting and geocaching, among others! If you’d like to suggest something for us to dabble in, get in touch with our chair.