I think we can all agree that story-telling was pretty spell-binding…

What a nice assembly. And I don’t think anyone noticed that our musical director has a really strong

obsession for Fleetwood Mac.

Thanks to all of our contributors; Vicky Anderson, Deborah and Rob Egginton.

As discussed we’ve got loads of things happening between this Assembly and the next, but first, it’s

probably worth pointing out the easiest place to follow us on the internet;

1. Our Facebook page can be found here – https://www.facebook.com/SundayAssemblyBristol/

o You can Subscribe to all our events by going to Events in the middle, and then


2. Our Meetup.com site can be found here – http://www.meetup.com/Sunday-Assembly-Bristol/

3. Finally, for our super slick website, you can go to http://sabristol.org.uk/ (you’re on here at

the moment already)

o You can get all the events on there straight into your internet enabled calendar by

going to Diary and following the instructions there

The next Assembly we have to mark in your calendar is the 7 th of May on the topic of robots. We’re

still looking for someone to do a quick reading on this so if you’re interested get in touch with us.

We’re also hoping to have another assembly in May so keep an eye out for things.

Slightly before that you can come along to our Chat and Plan on the 30 th of April at 12:30, at the King

William Ale House.

For a new feature, this month we are putting our Community Notice Board messages online, so

drop us a message or comment if you’re interested and we will get back to you.

I need assistance;

o Finding people in Greenback/Easton who would like to join in a free social meet at Café

Connect on St Mark’s Road (BS5) next to bakery

o Looking for people to play music/sing with (I play various instruments and I’m looking to just

jam with people who are learning to play i.e. not professionals) in Horfield

I can offer assistance

o A meal – cooked by Tim at our home. Dog Walking services. Outgrown toddler clothes

(shoes and girls) in Downend

o help with going vegan or moving towards a more cruelty-free lifestyle. Happy to be a buddy

to anyone who needs support or has questions in Falmouth

o Reading to or spending time with the elderly, or running errands with/for them in


This is Chair of Sunday Assembly Bristol signing off,

Lots of jubilant love,