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As discussed we’ve got loads of things happening between this Assembly and the next, but first, it’s probably worth pointing out the easiest place to follow us on the internet;

  1. Our Facebook page can be found here – https://www.facebook.com/SundayAssemblyBristol/
    • You can Subscribe to all our events by going to Events in the middle, and then Subscribe
  2. Our Meetup.com site can be found here – http://www.meetup.com/Sunday-Assembly-Bristol/
  3. Finally, for our super slick website, you can go to http://sabristol.org.uk/
    • You can get all the events on there straight into your internet enabled calendar by going to Diary and following the instructions there
  4. Finally finally, we’ll try and keep you abreast of things by emailing you on this email address so keep an eye out. If you don’t have an email address how are you reading what I’m typing right now


Here are some details of our upcoming events between now and the next assembly:

Chat and Plan – Sunday 14th January, 11:30am @ Old Market Tavern

This month, we’ll be having our Chat and Plan at the Old Market Tavern (the same pub we visit each month after the assembly). Join us to discuss all things Sunday Assembly, get involved and help out with the running of Sunday Assembly Bristol (hint hint, we’d love more help!), or just listen and get a better idea of how everything works, and possibly a sneak preview of future assemblies!

If you like Facebook, check out the Facebook event here;
and if you like Meetup, check out the Meetup event here.

Wander More – Sunday 21st January, 11:00 @ Blaise Castle Estate

It’s a new year and the Sunday Assembly Bimblers are back and headed to Blaise Castle Estate.

We’ll walk through the estate, along the river and little gorge there and perhaps see the Blaise Castle Hamlet along with the castle itself.

The paths are good, parking free and there’s *definitely* tea available at the café. Quite possibly cake too.

The walk will be about 4 miles and will have some uphill bits, and hopefully a view or two along the way. We’re pet and child friendly too.

If you’re looking for a way to get to know a few faces before coming to a main assembly, this is a good option as we tend to be a small relaxed group.

We’ll be meeting at the café by the car park at 11, whatever the weather. You contact the organiser (Richard) on the day on my phone (07816 271989). If you’re running late, let us know and we’ll do our best to wait for you.

If you like Facebook, check out the Facebook event here;
and you like Meetup, check out the Meetup event here.

And the next assembly we have is our February assembly, on the theme of ‘Break the Chain‘ where Joanna Burch-Brown will be talking to us about Slavery, Reparations and Bristol. It will be on Sunday 4th February at 11:00. The address is still the Trinity Centre, which can be found at Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW.

We’re always looking for volunteers, so if you’ve just learnt a new song on an instrument or fancy reading something personal in front of a great friendly crowd, just reply to this email.

That’s everything for now, but if you have any ideas about what could make Sunday Assembly, FUNday Assembly, do get in touch.

This is Chair of Sunday Assembly Bristol signing off,

Stay awesome,