Hello lovely current assemblers, and assemblers to be,

We need you!

The group of organisers has been slowly decreasing in size as life moves on for various people – this would be fine except that we haven’t had the same number of people sign up to replace them all.

This has left us with one person in particular shouldering 90% of the behind-the-scenes workload for a number of months now, and they are unable to continue with that level of commitment.

The VITAL to fill roles are:
Chair (from August at the latest)
Musical director

There are several other roles that would be great to fill, and every little helps a huge amount, but those two are the critical ones to fill. They both require a large amount of work and at present are done by one person who cannot keep this up.

This is a warning that without more volunteers joining the organisers Sunday Assembly Bristol will be coming to an end, or continuing in a significantly reduced form.

We’re sad to have to post this, but this is where we are.
– The Sunday Assembly Bristol Organisers