It’s the prime time to learn about number theory!

Maths is often seen as a bunch of rules to follow so to find the right answers. But often mathematicians make up new rules and explore new world that emerges from those rules. In our talk this month, Florian Bouyer is going to take us back to the basics and define addition again, but in two new unexpected ways. This introduction to number theory will lead us into the world of cryptography: how do you communicate with your bank on-line with the knowledge no one else can steal your information?

We also have our usual assortment of excitement (songs, readings, trying your best, tea and cake), so come along and join in the fun!

If you can turn up a little early (10:30-10:45ish), some special guests at our next assembly would like your help!

Researchers from Coventry University, in collaboration with the University of Oxford, are conducting research on the effects of taking part in Sunday Assemblies on members who attend. If you would like to take part in this research, please arrive 15-30 minutes before the assembly starts so that they have time to explain the study and conduct the pre-Assembly questionnaire.

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As always, we’ll be having our pub social after the assembly at the Old Market Tavern afterwards. Check out the Facebook event here and the Meetup event here.

So, just to summarise:

We’ll see you at about 10:45 for an 11:00 start at the Trinity Centre, or 10:30 if you want to take part in some exciting research! We’ve set up a chair for you already.

Hope to see you there!

Buckets of love,
Sunday Assembly Bristol

See you on Sunday, at 10:45