What’s Better Than One Assembly a Month?!


Sort of hot-on-the-heels from the last assembly, we have ANOTHER assembly

This month we’re doing something exciting! We’re trying a SECOND ASSEMBLY! For the time being, we’re referring to it as the 1st 2nd Sunday Assembly of the month because we love over-worded explanations. And we love the Moon, which is why we want this assembly to Shoot For The Moon.

And as if that wasn’t crazy enough, we’re trying a new location too! How cool is that?! And if you’re still keeping up, we’re doing it EARLIER as well.

We’ll be downstairs at Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft for the assembly, and then move upstairs to the cafe for tea and cake and a chat afterwards. Event kicks off at 10:30 GMT TOMORROW (Sunday the 24th)

Do try and come along, and invite people who haven’t been because the first Sunday of the Month doesn’t work for them – if this one is a success we will keep it going!

Facebook event here
Meetup event here

Also we have got our regularly expected main Sunday Assembly, at the Trinity Centre at the normal time of 11:00 GMT on the 7th of August. And it’s called Colour Me Assembled.

So, you hit level five in Pokémon Go and you’re struggling to choose between Red, Blue and Yellow. Don’t worry, we understand. That’s why we’ve invited science communicator and laser-appreciator Euan Allen to help us out with a talk titled Colour in Nature, which, if it’s not about where to find CP 800 Dragonites, will probably explore the amazing and ingenious ways organisms use colour and the practical technological applications that come out of them.

For those of you who haven’t got into Pokémon Go, it’s like collecting football stickers, except the football stickers are all over the country and you use your phone to find them. But that’s not important right now.

Also, turns out there are loads of songs about colours. Come along to hear the four we think are best.

See you there!

Facebook event here

Meetup event here

As always, we are looking for volunteers to read, to welcome, to show off a talent or just to tell us something about your life, so please contact us on any channel and we’d love to hear from you,

Best and Warmest wishes,
Sunday Assembly Bristol

See you tomorrow at Cafe Kino, at 10:30, and then on Sunday the 7th, at the Trinity Centre at 11am.